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Doctor taking blood pressure of older patient
District Nursing

We offer district Nursing care , based from our medical center to provide multidisciplinary and full care in our community.  They can be reached via 032048668 or

After Hours Service

After hours and PRIME available: 

Weekdays between 17:00-22:30 and 

Weekends and public holidays between 08:30-22:30.

027 6440300

Ribbonwood Country Home

Small scale rest home and hospital level care in the community, with a view.

General Practice & Family Health

Our community owned surgery, providing highly qualified medical care by our medical staff.

Opening hours weekdays:



Ribbonwood is adding 5 more rooms!
To learn more or Donate, click on the image


Looking after the health of our community


For all our current fees, please read on.

Rural Practice in West Otago

Rural Medicine at it's best. Personal attention, people you know in the safety and comfort of your own community.

Highly Trained Practitioners

Dr Fons, Kate Stark NP, Emily Street RN,Donna Pringle RN, Dawn Jarvis, RN, Karen McHutchon RN.

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