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About Us

About the Medical Clinic

West Otago Health is a community owned general practise and resthome. We provide a wide range of services at our clinic such as Family Medicine, community nursing, midwife, physiotherapy, podiatry and have specialists visit on a monthly basis.

We work in a professional, but casual manner, which fits our vision of care in the community.

Our opening hours are weekdays 8:30-17:00,

Providing you with the best Practitioners for the best care

Dr. Fons Captijn

General Practitioner

Karen McHutchon

Manager, Registered Nurse, PRIME Practitioner

kate stark_edited.jpg
NP Kate Stark

Nurse Practitioner

Emily Street, RN

Registered Nurse and PRIME practitioner

Dawn Jarvis, RN

District Nurse and PRIME practitioner

Heather Park, EN

Enrolled Nurse,

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