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The New Ribbonwood Build

We will update you about everything about the new build here. You can click on the images to go to the progress gallery.




Extension Ribbonwood 

Exciting news for Ribbonwood, we have begun the process of extending the rest home. We currently have a capacity of 14 rest home and hospital level beds across the facility but we are expanding by an extra 5 rooms to accomodate a total of 19 beds.


Ways to get involved

If you are interested in helping us to complete this exciting extension there are many ways to contribute:

Room/facitlity sponsorship: Various levels of sponsorship are         available for naming rights of different areas of the building.  

Stock Scheme: The Trust is running a stock scheme so if you are interested in helping by donating animals or grazing animals please contact us.


Donations: Any donations would be greatly appreciated


Fundraising group: Join our fundraising committee to help support upcoming fundraising events 

concrete floor1.jpg


concrete floor

The extension work is progressing well. The concrete floor was poured this morning.  Expansion cuts go in tomorrow and the walk framing arrives Monday. Roof trusses arrive December 5th.


The Walls are going up

Some early framing progress pictures. Framing has started in the NE corner.  The framing will go up fairly quickly and then progress will appear to slow as James and the team work back through the structure making sure everything is strait, square and secured.






How to contact us

If you would like to donate to this project, can assist with fundraising activities or project work or have any queries please contact any one of the current trustees: Will Byars (Chairperson 0274852012), Nicole Cronin (Secretary 0276005342), Lloyd McCall (0272489090), Annalie Downie (0272745003), Danielle Millar (02102423757)


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