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Ribbonwood Country Home

Ribbonwood is a small country home offering rest home and hospital level care. Located in the heart of West Otago, Tapanui, Ribbonwood is a community based care facility full of kind-hearted people. From the local rural community pulling together to fundraise for the purpose built facility, to our caring staff and lovely residents. Ribbonwood is a place you will feel proud to call your new home.


Ribbonwood is a modern care facility with spacious, private rooms for residents and sunny lounges for relaxing and viewing the beautiful views across the golf course, and farmland towards the Blue Mountains. Our main lounge has a fireplace and TV and we have a grand piano which is played often by residents, staff and community members. With only 14 beds, this charming rest home and hospital has a very intimate, friendly vibe. The small environment enables our residents to have more personalised time with our experienced and knowledgeable Registered Nurses and Caregivers.


Living Options


All of the rooms at Ribbonwood are classed as Premium Rooms with a fully furnished bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Each room is 28 sqm and has a reclining bed, TV, chested drawers, bedside table and large built in wardrobe. The bathroom has a wetfloor shower, hand basin and toilet and has strategically placed grab bars. Each room has a unique colour scheme which continues throughout the care home with stunning modern interior design in the living spaces. Residents have the ability to receive either rest home or hospital level care in their room. 


Ribbonwood also offers independent cottages which is perfect for the individual who needs a little more support at home. It is also a great option for a couple whose individual needs may be different, with one person being in the rest home and other remaining close by in the cottage. Each cottage has 1 bedroom, large open plan kitchen and living area, plus bathroom with easily accessible shower. Each cottage has a beautiful outdoor seating area overlooking our beautiful rural landscape. 



Combined Purpose Facility


Ribbonwood is owned by the people of West Otago via the West Otago Health Trust. The construction of the present premises has been an enormous community project for West Otago’s 2,300 residents that was concluded August 2014. The facility is a combined purpose facility which has Ribbonwood with rest home and hospital level care and the local Medical Centre. There is also an emergency helipad on site. All residents have prompt access to a Doctor and services provided in the Medical Centre.



Our Dedicated Staff


At Ribbonwood Country Home, each of our staff members take pride in their work. They are kind hearted souls who also love to foster a fun loving, friendly and relaxed environment for our residents. Each staff member is highly qualified and experienced, and the Rest Home Team Leader (RN) leads a team of dedicated staff to oversee their care. As members of the community themselves, they take the time to get know each of our residents well. With an enhanced knowledge of each residents health and their individual needs, should a residents needs change we are able to intervene quickly and mitigate effects. This will give residents and family member’s peace of mind and assurance knowing these needs will be met. Ribbonwood also provides 24 hour care and support with staff being on-site 24/7.



Magnificent Views


Let’s not forget the breathtaking views! Set on the outskirts of Tapanui (northern entrance), the views are across the local golf course and farmland set against the picturesque Blue Mountains. Our wonderful slice of heaven has been architecturally designed for residents to fully enjoy these views. All lounges and outdoor seating areas look out across this wide open landscape; perfect for those who have lived rurally and want to continue enjoying this lifestyle.




Rest Home - Lounge 1
Rest Home - Entry area

Activity Programme


The activity programme also has a personalised touch. Our Activities Coordinator sits with each resident to discover what his / her needs and wants are and tailors the programme to ensure the needs of everyone are met. We have daily activities inside the rest home, such as quizzes, arts and crafts plus a volunteer from the local community comes in to read the newspaper and chat. We also have performing arts groups from the community come in at least once a fortnight to entertain our residents.



Country Home Cooking


Everyone comments on the delicious food at Ribbonwood. It is true country home style cooking that is nutritionally rich and heart-warming. With 3 square meals a day, the midday dinner and evening meal are both 2-courses. Our chef also makes scrumptious home baking for morning and afternoon tea everyday! Ribbonwood also has 2 kitchenettes with tea and coffee facilities for residents and visitors to enjoy throughout the day. 



How to Become a Resident at Ribbonwood Country Home


We understand that as you or your loved ones needs change more care and support is needed. Ribbonwood welcomes people over the age of 65 years regardless of religious, cultural or social backgrounds.


If you would like Ribbonwood to be your new home, you are required to be assessed through a Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination Agency (NASC) to determine your eligibility.  To arrange an appointment with a NASC, you can arrange this yourself with NASC, or be referred by your Doctor, hospital, social worker or other health care provider. 


To contact the NASC in our area please telephone Sandra Faddes on (027) 201 8139.



Who Pays For Your Care?


Your care is either paid for by the Government as a Residential Care Subsidy or by yourself as a Private Paying Resident.



Applying for a Residential Care Subsidy


If your needs assessment shows you need long-term residential care, your needs assessor will give you the Residential Care Subsidy application forms.


These forms need to be filled in and sent to Work and Income NZ promptly for a financial means assessment to see if you qualify for the subsidy.



The Financial Means Assessment


If the financial means assessment shows that your assets are below the defined asset threshold:


  • You qualify for government funding through the Residential Care Subsidy

  • Work and Income will then assess your income and tell you how much of this you need to pay towards the cost of your care.  This will include most of your New Zealand Superannuation and any other income you receive


If the financial means assessment shows that your assets are above the defined asset threshold:


  • You do not qualify for the Residential Care Subsidy

  • You pay the cost of rest home care up to the maximum contribution for our area

  • You may qualify for a residential care loan.  You can apply for this through Work and Income NZ.



Moving to Ribbonwood from another care home


You have the right to choose any aged residential care provider in New Zealand with a DHB contract to provide your assessed level of care need.


When you move to Ribbonwood for the same level of care that you are receiving currently, the NASC will be asked to complete a Change of Client Details/Residential Care Transfer form.  This is so your payment arrangements will follow you to your new home.






If you or your family member would like to be a part of Ribbonwood’s friendly country home, please call Karen McHutchon on 03 204 8668 for more information or to arrange your personalised tour.

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